A: Ok, I’m baking a birthday cake today.

B: I’m going to give you some advice. Enjoy the baking but don’t get connected to it. Don’t mourn not baking one next year.

A: Well, I am still mourning not sending one for the last 10 years after just sending one.

(after a while) I baked the cake and ate it with my parents.

B: Ate it?! I thought you were baking for a birthday?

A: Oh, it didn’t turn out quite so well and besides, my parents appreciated it more than anyone else ever would.

B: You must be baking another one then? Given the ambition you are?

A: Oh no. Not today. May be I will just buy one 😉

My mom was so curious about the marbled effect. She wanted to know how did I get two colors. It was worth the effort anyway. Warms my heart. It will keep me warm for years to come, perhaps.

B: How the best things in life are free! Your parents deserved to have the cake!


P.S. And how the cake that you want to be the cake of your life turns out to be worse than your first ever!