Her: Mumma, I don’t want to get married. never ever.

Me: Why baby?

Her: Coz then I will have a baby. And the doctor will cut my tummy and it will hurt me. And I don’t want that.

Me: You can get married and choose not to have a baby, sweetheart.

Her: ok, that’s fine then.


Her: Mumma, why do we get a child only after we get married?

Me: Coz it takes both Mumma and Papa to make a baby and we need two people to care for a baby that small .

(the conversation ended there this time but I am sure it won’t the next time. So I am better read up and ready to explain more, the next time).


Granny: Don’t you miss me? (She has gone back home after staying with us for 6 months)

Her: No, I just miss your phone because I get to watch videos on your phone. Mumma doesn’t let me watch vidoes on the phone.

Her father was really upset with the answer and we had a discussion to get to the point that she was just being honest about her feelings. We would like her to have more empathy but the truth is that at this age (5 years old) she needs precious little beyond someone taking care of her needs. And she also admits that she just wants mommy around her. Separation and us missing her when we are away from her is not something that she can articulate as of now. She does express it via her behavior when any of the adults walks in and out of her life.