In my imagination…

I cozy up that bench, with a warm warm blanket

You read a book, and I read your face

You caress my hair, and I the back of your hand

My head in your lap while you sit on that warm cozied bench


In my imagination…

We walk on that winding path,

Hand in hand, me against your arm

The rustling of falling leaves of fall making beautiful music


In my imagination…

We cross that little bridge

And wait a while on top of it

Where I lean back into your arms

Your warm breath on my neck

Water crashing against the rocks

On that little fall


In my imagination…

We light the grill, and do a little barbecue

And sit in the warm glow long after

Till the lamps cast a soft glow all around us

In my imagination…

That was another perfect day!

But then I get up

And dust off the leaves, from the time that I lay in the heap

Underneath that colorful tree

And I dust off the imagination

And the bench, the blanket

And the book, and your lap

And your fingers

And the path, and your hands

And your arms

And the falling leaves, and their music

And the little bridge and the crashing water

And the grill, and the barbecue

And the warm glow and the lamp

I dust it all off

In my imagination…

I let myself believe

That it was another perfect day

Though the void…

The void and pain is real and not quite..

in my imagination…