In all the white shirts I fold

In my frilly white blouse and the lace I wear no more


In the crispy cool breeze that touches me

In my long dark wispy hair no more

And now in the short grey curly mop I sport


In every piece of music I play

In every happy song that moves me

In every sad song that breaks me


In those long traffic snarls

In the far distances that I fly


In every cup of tea I brew

In every cup of coffee that I don’t


In every nude lipstick I wear

In the kohl that rims my eyes

In the toenails that I don’t paint anymore


In every plank I hold

In every mile I run


In every shiver down my spine

In every shower I take alone


In every dream I dream

In every hope that breaks


In all that pain in the world

In all that love in the world

In all that joy in the world

There are pieces of YOU!