Every day she wakes up, with him on her mind. He is love for her. Quite like when you are all grown up and dream about home, you always see your childhood home. It doesn’t matter how many years ago you stopped living there. And how many houses you lived in since then. But in your dreams, that’s always “home”, the house that you spent your childhood in. He will always be love for her, her childhood home.

But she is scared. When she went back to her childhood home after two decades, it didn’t feel the same. The yard had shrunk, though in her memories, she ran and ran in the never ending yard. The house was smaller, though in her memories, it was a sprawling mansion. The tall trees that she climbed as a child seemed stunted. The high walls that she jumped from, not even as high as her.

She wondered if he will become that too? Her shrunken childhood home? That was more a part of her dreams, her nostalgia, something that she saw with her child eyes. If she saw him after two decades, will he be so different that she would not know that she had loved him? Will he feel the same loss – will he not know that he had loved her once? She doesn’t know, but she hopes not.

What she does know is that he is her home. And she will never wake up not thinking of him.