No, I don’t think of you all the time

I have filled my hours with things to be done

I listen to music

I learn to read the music sheets

I sing

I practice the violin

I cook and bake

I write

I work and I train

I take care of the house

I take care of my daughter

I laugh with friends, I cry with them

I cry for them

I go out

I get 5 hours of sleep

So I don’t have hours to think about you

It’s just the little moments that remind me of you

Some songs

Some notes

Thinking if you will ever hear me play

If you will ever hear me sing

When I write I think perhaps, you read me

I wonder how your house looks?

I miss you when I see you with children

And when I wonder if I’ll ever see you again

And laugh with you, and cry with you

And you stop by in my dreams

So  you see, I don’t miss you all the time

I just miss you in all the little moments

I just miss you every second

I just miss you when I breathe