You said – Be friends

I extended an arm

You said – Let’s meet

I was happy to meet

I had to leave

You said- Come back

I said I will

You said – I am leaving

I said ok (I’ll wait I thought)

You said It’s not black and white

I muddied it up all to make greys

You said We know what we mean to each other

I said right, though I wondered if I mean anything at all

You said it’s complicated

I stayed quiet till you felt it wasn’t

I said I’m in town

You said Come Over

I rode the wind to get to you

You said Stay away

I nodded, bowed my head and hugged you goodbye

Don’t ask me to come again

To send me away again

Coz I can’t take it

I’m broken and pieces

I won’t make it

If you said Come and Stay

I’d do so in a heartbeat

Or may be if you said come and see me

I’d do so in a heartbeat

Even if for a moment

Don’t worry about my pieces

I’d come in a heartbeat

And when you send me

I’ll take ages to pick up my pieces

But I’d come in a heartbeat,

Even if it breaks me

Or it takes me

Forever to pick pieces