…and I stood there bereft,

I closed the door and I didn’t see you walk away

Forever holding you close

I had some more glasses of wine that week

And then stopped before I could not

I looked at the place and closed my eyes

Forever imprinting it on my mind

I took a look in the mirror and saw myself

Forever branded as yours

I smelled the soap and the lotion

That’s your smell tucked in the corner of my bag

And then I ran out and hailed a cab

Away from the place that had pieces of you

Pieces of you that didn’t leave, when you left

While I stood there bereft..

Did you take pieces of me, with you?

Or they are all gone, like you?

I let you go, I do.

Coz I love you, I do.

I let you go everyday, just like I did when you left.