Your hands..

…stroking my hair..

..your fingers buried in the locks

And thumb moving back and forth..

Warmed my heart..

I felt safe there..

.. resting my head on you..

Your hands haunt me

I cannot fall asleep

I close my eyes but I stay awake

So I cut my hair off

And I thought that I will shed..

..the ties that my hair have with your hands..

I didn’t flinch when the stylist gasped at what I wanted

I didn’t waiver when he asked me to reconsider

And I didn’t look back at the floor

Where I left what I cut..

..just a moment’s thought if a cancer patient could have them..

But why haunt anyone with my memories..

And I came back home

With a heavy heart and surprisingly heavy head

I closed my eyes, and I still feel your hands

I didn’t cry, but there is still no sleep

I don’t cry, coz that’s what you’d asked

I changed a lot but you still live in me