What would it have taken

For you to love me

Would you have loved me

If I was taller or if I was shorter

If I was fairer or if I was darker

If I spoke a little more or a little less

If I bared my heart a little less or a little more

If I were more voluptuous or a bit thinner

If my hair was longer and thicker or shorter

If I wrote a little less or a little more

If I met you a little sooner or a little later

If I dressed a little more conservative or if I were a diva

If I smoked and drank with you or just stayed away

If I cooked for you or just roamed the world with you

If we built a house, or we just drifted together

If I didn’t let you go or if I just let you be?

What would have made you love me?

Perhaps, you needed to love yourself a little more

For you to love me.