I don’t want you to be like me

Vulnerable, and naive

An idiot at times, who gets carried away.

But I see so much of me in you-

You cry when you watch movies

You get hurt so easily

You don’t say it, but it’s on your face and it’s in your eyes

You could be someone’s fool – like me

I see you going starry eyed when you see beautiful lights

You want to walk in the snow

You want to feel the breeze in your face

Music lifts you and drowns you

You look into my eyes when you want to say something that matters

You want to be seen but you hate the spotlight

You want to be loved and are quick to go into a shell

Oh, how I hurt for you, my mini-me

You don’t look like me at all

And how I wish, you didn’t feel like me, at all

How I wish, you weren’t me at all!