I go to bed thinking of you

And I wake up with you, on my mind
You – the one who never was and never will be mine

All through the night, you walk with me in my dreams
All through the day, you stay with me as I breathe
But you – were never mine nor will ever be

You don’t ever come over,
you don’t ever stay with me
You are just studded in my memories
Oh nor the longing, nor the tears matter to you
Oh I just pray for the day when you’d say something
But what can you possibly say to me
Coz you were never mine, nor would ever be

Or perhaps there would be a day
When you will walk into my life
And tell me that I’m yours

And I always was!

And in Hindi/Urdu

Unhein sochte sote hain

Unhein sochte uthte hain

Wo jo apne the, na apne hain

Raat bhar khwabon mei saath chalte hain
Din bhar saanson mei saath chalte hain
Par wo na apne the na apne hain

Woh na aate hain, na rukte hain
Bas yaadon mei basar hai wo
Kya aarzoo kya ansoo sab un pe be-asar hain
Keh dein kabhi wo kuchh hum se ab bas yeh dua hai
Par keh bhi dein toh kya hoga
Wo na apne the na apne hain

Ya ik roz fir wo aa jayein
Yeh ghum ke aansoo ruk jayein
Aur woh humko dekh ke keh dein
Hum unke the, aur unke hain