My 5year old girl was on winter break from Kindergarten. I was working and I work from home. She knows that she cannot disturb me as I work but at times she loses her patience. On a particularly hard and busy day for me, she goes:

Mumma, you have already been working for like a 100 hours today.

And I said “that’s what it seems like to me too!”

The little girl keeps asking me for meaning of various songs that play in the car. Listening to “Let her go”, she asks what does he mean when he says “love comes slow but it goes so fast”. I said it means that it is easy to fall in love but very hard to stay in love. So love doesn’t always stay, it goes away quickly.

After being quiet for a few minutes she says “Mumma, but your love for me stays and my love for you also stays. That hasn’t gone, has it?”

Mumma, why do mothers feel happy when their children eat? Does the mother’s tummy also get full when the child eats?