Oh I hate the greasy hands

And the pots that call for a mighty scrub

I awfully mind the thumb getting sliced with the onions

And the burns I sport on my hands and wrists

I wish I didn’t want to constantly wash my hands

And I wish it didn’t take hours

I’d rather be just in and out of the kitchen

When I cook and bake.

But then I stay sane

When I cook and bake

It’s the only thing that takes all of me

Drowns out the world, the heart aches, the drama

And I love filling the bellies of all those around me

And the pots and bowls grin back at me

And I sleep with a smile when the fridge is full

And the smiles around me tell me I’m loved

When I serve love the only way I know

For love can be seen in plates and bowls

When you cook and bake.