Every poem I read, tells our story

Every poem I read, is about us

We are entangled in the words of all the songs

Our rhythm in every beat and every note I hear

If I walk in the breeze, all I smell is you

If I get drunk, it’s like your eyes – plain looking at me

When I’m alone, I hear your silent conversations

And in a room full of people, I’m still alone with you

The poems, the songs

The music and the beats

The long walks in the breeze

The loneliness and the herds

What I thought would help me put you in the past

Just make your presence stronger, and not take it away

So when I stop breathing, I will forget you

I promise, I will forget you

I will…forget you.

And in Urdu..

Har nazm hamara afsana bayaan karti hai

Har ghazal hamare qisse bunti hai

Har naghmay ke alfaaz mei hain hum dono uljhe

Har taal mei har rawaani mei hain hum dono moujood

Chalte hain hum toh,

Har baad-e-saba mei hai khushboo unki

Peete hain hum toh

Mai si karti hai woh aankhein makhmoor

Tanha ho hum toh

Khamoshi se karte hai woh baatein dilfaraib

Mehfil mei jo hum to

Phir bhi hain hum hi waahid…

Yeh nazmein, yeh ghazlein

Yeh naghmay, yeh rawaani

Yeh saba aur yeh mai

Yeh tanhai aur yeh mehfil

Jo socha ki in sab mei, hum bhula denge unko

Maghroor unki yaadein, pukhta hi hui hain

Toh ab jo honge fanaa to, hum bhula denge unko

Warna to na hoga mukammal yeh waada,

Ki bhula denge unko

Haan bhula denge unko