Such are the matters of heart

There was a time when we sat through the night

There were stories and there were tales

And there were more, even when the night gave way to a dawn so pale

It wasn’t just a night, there were so many.

We got to a time, when we would talk not so often

But still you would say and I’d listen

I’d say and you’d listen.

Then we would just check on each other

At first, like someone we cared for

and then like just acquaintances

Our silences are our conversations today

Not that our hearts have had each other’s fill

But the words of the heart don’t quite reach the tip of our tongues

I would like to hear it from you

And you’d rather have me say it.

We live our lives a moment at a time

And there will be a day, when with regret

We may think why didn’t we say anything

How did it matter if the other did not.


Kaisey rishtey hain yeh

Kabhi baithe the saath raat bhar.

Kisse aur baatein baaki they tab bhi

Jab thi tamaam raat guzri.

Aur ek nahi, kayi baar guzri.

Fir kabhi kabhi hone lagi guftagu

kuchh hum kehte aur kuchh woh sunte

Kuchh hum sunte aur woh kehte.

Aaya woh din bhi jab sirf poochhne lage khairiyat bhar hi

Pehle apno ki tarah

Fir parayon ki tarah.

Aaj yeh aalam hai

Khamoshi hi se hoti hain baatein.

Baat yeh nahi ki dil fir gaya hai

Bas dilon ke alfaaz ab labon tak nahi aate

Woh sochte hain hum kuchh bolein

Humein yeh zidd woh hi kuchh keh dein

Ik ik pal guzarta hai,

Ik din woh bhi aayega jab dono hi sochenge

Ki hum hi kuchh keh dete

Woh na bolein to na hi sahi.