He limped a bit ever since the accident. She supported his weight by wrapping her left arm around his waist. He reached out and held her right hand in front of him. They walked into his house and were met by his mom. She greeted his mom and deposited him into his room and walked out. No questions asked, no answers offered.

His friends came to see him but he did not want to see anyone. She turned them away one by one after telling them how he was and that he will talk when he is ready to. There was a long road to recovery ahead of him.

The little girls kept each other company. He wanted her to stay and she was happy to. She was happy that he wanted her but sad for what he was going through.

And then she woke up again from her delirium only to be pulled back into the fog. She was imagining things, the fever was doing it to her. She wanted to get up but didn’t have the energy so she fell back on her pillows to sleep some more. She woke up sobbing for him, for herself and for everything put together. She pushed herself out of the bed and stepped into the shower to wash away the fever and his thoughts while praying that he should be fine.

She didn’t have to ask. She knows he is fine. She knows her fever will go away, too, and her traitorous mind will settle. The delirium isn’t forever.