I didn’t swim across the river, like Sohni

For a secret rendezvous, every night.

I didn’t die in swirling currents,

Failing to fight their might.

I don’t have Sassi’s beauty, to have you seek me

Never betrayed by your brothers,

I didn’t die in a desert with your name on my lips.

Unlike Sohni who broke Mirza’s arrows

I didn’t have to choose between my brothers and you with a brow furrowed.

I didn’t get you killed and then cry my heart out

I was never called a woman who sold her love out.

I didn’t have the courage of Heer

Who didn’t go with anyone else, and waited for her man.

There is no tragedy in my love

And there is hardly anything I lost

But I loved you enough

And if it matters, yes, I paid a cost.