Broken Paths

She thought all paths that led to him were broken All dead ends, no roads that led to him She sat and wondered if he would appear She called out, albeit softly And for sure, he was there For the... Continue Reading →

When my brow burns


When my brow burns and there is a tickle in my nose

I pop a pill and sip my saffron tea

I snuggle up with a hot water bag

I tuck myself and I put my feet up

But I long for you and your cool hand on my eyes

I miss you mommy and your lap where I’d rest my head

I am many decades old but I still want thee

When my brow burns and there a tickle in my nose.

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You cannot walk with me But you can walk besides me You cannot hold my hand But you still do care So be it - Don't meet me, coz our lines don't meet You still walk with me, ad infinitum,... Continue Reading →


After a long day, you are like a.. ..a hot shower for aching bones A soft murmur for a tired soul Gentle fingers in messy hair Soft hands on burning temples Cold water on tired feet A stubborn ray that... Continue Reading →

Chihuly Glass Garden – Seattle

I promise, I’ll forget

Every poem I read, tells our story Every poem I read, is about us We are entangled in the words of all the songs Our rhythm in every beat and every note I hear If I walk in the breeze,... Continue Reading →

Unseen, Unheard, Untouched

Your name quivers upon my breath And I never dare whisper. Your face stays in my head And I never draw on paper. Your memories etched in my heart I never dare mention. Your love strong in my bones I... Continue Reading →

Frozen Heart

His voice soft as velvet Her name on his lips His heart all gentle music Like chimes in the breeze. Her soul deaf as a wall She doesn't hear him call Her heart frozen ice That the wind cannot touch... Continue Reading →

The Imperfect God

Why put her on a pedestal, they say She doesn't love you as you do, they say Perhaps, she doesn't even spare a thought for you. What do I care, I say Love doesn't know give and take Who am... Continue Reading →

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