No one promised that it won't get foggy, When you are already in the woods.

It’s so cold

It's suddenly so cold, When I flew from your country to mine. It's suddenly so cold Now that you don't hold me in your embrace. It's suddenly so cold Because I cannot rest my head in your lap. It's suddenly... Continue Reading →

Powdery Snow

No letter No word The powdery snow Untouched Unshaken Says no one reached out To my waiting eyes To my tired soul To my aching heart That crumbles like The powdery snow.  

In My Imagination

In my imagination... I cozy up that bench, with a warm warm blanket You read a book, and I read your face You caress my hair, and I the back of your hand My head in your lap while you... Continue Reading →

I am autumn

I am autumn, I am fall For I am the leaf that knows how to part For I am the leaf that looks beautiful even when it falls For I look beautiful against the setting sun or the street lamp... Continue Reading →

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