It’s so cold

It's suddenly so cold, When I flew from your country to mine. It's suddenly so cold Now that you don't hold me in your embrace. It's suddenly so cold Because I cannot rest my head in your lap. It's suddenly... Continue Reading →

Little Girls — whattheeyessee

Little girls are little For such a little while. They outgrow your lap In just a little while. The gurgling changes to a giggle to a laugh In such a little time. They won’t ask to sleep on your tummy... Continue Reading →

Little Girls

Little girls are a lot of pink And a lot of lace and frills too Little girls are a lot of love And soft hair and tendrils too Little girls are a lot of tantrums And a lot of passion... Continue Reading →

When they speak their heart!

My 5year old girl was on winter break from Kindergarten. I was working and I work from home. She knows that she cannot disturb me as I work but at times she loses her patience. On a particularly hard and... Continue Reading →

Mini Me

I don't want you to be like me Vulnerable, and naive An idiot at times, who gets carried away. But I see so much of me in you- You cry when you watch movies You get hurt so easily You... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 14

Her: Oh Mumma, I think you will have to overeat. Me: Why? Her: Coz I'm too full to finish my dinner I am taking vocal music lessons and I record and listen to the recordings to make improvement. The 5year... Continue Reading →

He is her childhood home

Every day she wakes up, with him on her mind. He is love for her. Quite like when you are all grown up and dream about home, you always see your childhood home. It doesn't matter how many years ago... Continue Reading →

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