Hole in my heart

I walk around with a hole in my heart I walk around with a weight on my soul I walk around with a heart all black I struggle to take every breath The hole that I cannot mend, I try... Continue Reading →

I abandoned Viv

Tam told me that she had sent an email to Viv. She had asked him to come see me at a bar. I thought she'd gone crazy, why would Viv come to see me. It was amply clear that I... Continue Reading →


No one promised that it won't get foggy, When you are already in the woods.

Sand Through My Hands

The memories are dim, My hands no longer feeling yours. Your touch rests in faded past But I still cry as many tears. I want to have you by my side But you move further and further away. I wish... Continue Reading →

For Humanity

I sat down with an imaginary rosary After a decade, perhaps. I fought with God at some time And did not pray. But today, is different. I'm scared of humanity dying around me. I hear silence supporting the ones who... Continue Reading →

What will happen

I lie awake and wonder what will happen first My heart will shatter into a million pieces  Or I'll fall asleep I lie awake and wonder what will happen first Despair will choke me up Or I'll drown in your... Continue Reading →

When you left

...and I stood there bereft, I closed the door and I didn't see you walk away Forever holding you close I had some more glasses of wine that week And then stopped before I could not I looked at the... Continue Reading →

Pieces of YOU

In all the white shirts I fold In my frilly white blouse and the lace I wear no more   In the crispy cool breeze that touches me In my long dark wispy hair no more And now in the... Continue Reading →

…is her

She hurts when he breathes A lungful of air or a lungful of fire A lungful of shards..coz Every song is her Every dance is her Every cake is her Every trance is her Every place is her Every desire... Continue Reading →

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