I run

I run- When I run, the breeze is Like your fingers stroking my hair   When the wind suddenly drops to a soft breeze It's like your hands caressing my face   When the wind suddenly stills It's like your... Continue Reading →


"Do you feel this way and hence you write or do you write and then start feeling this way?", Asked a friend. "Both" she said. "Stop it, you are drowning", said the friend. "No, I have drowned. I have given... Continue Reading →


She calls out, but her chords just fail her She shouts, but her voice doesn't quite reach him She runs, but he vanishes into thin air Her outstretched arms never quite touching him She would hold him tight but he... Continue Reading →

More to Life.

A: I'm going out. Going to the skydeck that I once went to but never got off! Been on it for a while now. B: use the steps on the way down. No skydiving! A: well I won't lie that... Continue Reading →

My struggle with Ulcerative Colitis – 2

Part 1 - https//wp.me/p7XDkZ-cT "I see inflammation!", said the GE and pointed at the screen. I could see it, too. And he kept advancing the scope till he had checked the complete colon. "It's an autoimmune disease. One of the... Continue Reading →


I want you to un-lean into me, I want to stop shivering now I want you to un-touch me, I want to feel again I want you to un-caress me, I want to know what it's like to be stroked... Continue Reading →


This is the first time that words ever failed her Of course, knowing that she has failed him, And failed herself too.   She had loved him, and he would always have a piece of her heart She should have... Continue Reading →

Simple heart breaks

Heart breaks are simpler now Walking out of someone's life is as simple as this - You are always too busy to call You are always too busy to text You are always too busy with your life The work... Continue Reading →

A dull ache

 The regular white bread has given way to a variety that cannot be deciphered We fill “gas” in “gallons” instead of “petrol” in “litres” We drive for “miles” and not “kilometres”, and that too on the “other” side of the... Continue Reading →

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