Some more cake conversations

A: I baked a cake. B: Why are you cooking and baking? I love you. A: I want to, for you, gal. And it gives me some time when I don't think of him. It seems you love me more... Continue Reading →

Wander into the twilight and melt into the moon

A: I found a picture of him in my stash. He is so dishy. B: I wouldn't expect you to fall for anything less. A: I think looking at his picture should be inspiration enough for me to lose my... Continue Reading →

A dead heart

A: I finally had a day when I didn't think of the moon. Instead, I went cycling and grocery shopping. Oh! I didn't even watch Grey's Anatomy. B: We do heal, if we let ourselves be. Some hot tears always... Continue Reading →

I fell in love with the moon

B: After 20 years, there are now some days when I don't think of him. Do you have such days, too? A: No, not yet. Not yet. He is everywhere. All over my head. All over the place. But I'm... Continue Reading →

What if I can’t sleep?

A: (sends a family picture) B: What a perfect picture! A: Yeah, a perfect picture. Only for the voices in my head. I have everything but I have the voices. B: Voices are just visitors, let them come and go... Continue Reading →

Crazy Soulmates’ Conversation

A: How is my dark and twisted soul sister? B: Let's say, beginning to embrace it all. What dark forces have come knocking at your door lately? A: They don't knock, my door is always open. I'm trying to mend... Continue Reading →

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