No one promised that it won't get foggy, When you are already in the woods.

It’s so cold

It's suddenly so cold, When I flew from your country to mine. It's suddenly so cold Now that you don't hold me in your embrace. It's suddenly so cold Because I cannot rest my head in your lap. It's suddenly... Continue Reading →

The Tea Place!

That day, in the tearoom My head throbbed and my soul ached And I was tired, so I needed water To pop a pill and not fight it out. I asked for it and turned around And I saw you... Continue Reading →

The Golden Glow

When despair gnaws at my heart I tell myself you have loved me, though we may be apart When it seems that my chest will burst with all I feel Your memories and conversations get me back to an even... Continue Reading →

Set on fire

Snow and the lamp... Oh she looks beautiful All lit up and wrapped around him Dancing to the music of the wind But she can set him on fire too He lights her up And she melts him a bit... Continue Reading →


All numb All frozen Just a part of me remains "Still, poised and balanced" to the eye Who knows how deep it runs But the one who cares to scratch the surface And the one who dares to dive right... Continue Reading →

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