Nothing but So Much!

Never got you any gifts, Nor got you any flowers Never wrote you any letters Never sent you any cards Never clicked any pictures with you Never made any promises to you Never walked miles with you Never danced any... Continue Reading →

What I learnt

My grandfather passed away when I was in the 12th grade. My grandmother was sitting in the first row in the prayer meeting. My father hadn't met his parents for over a decade, nor had we. I wanted to meet... Continue Reading →

The New Year

The roads are lit And so are the houses Happy lights twinkling all around Happy faces, lots of food Peppy music Merry making and dancing all around For me it's just another day Another, that I spend without you What... Continue Reading →

Will you take me to her?

Will you take me to her, He asked the plane. The plane stayed quiet Coz it knew that she doesn't want him The clouds bowed their head And cried their heart out. But then the sun shone And said "there... Continue Reading →

Set on fire

Snow and the lamp... Oh she looks beautiful All lit up and wrapped around him Dancing to the music of the wind But she can set him on fire too He lights her up And she melts him a bit... Continue Reading →

..a million times over…

She had been long gone. When he met her, he was pulled to her. He knew that they may not have years together, they may not even have days together. Who was he kidding - he knew the hours were... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Her

She danced with him, Like wind on water- She took the lead, Taking him along. She was gentle, Her touch as light as a feather, As she danced with him. Flirting with the moves, Barely touching the skin. And he... Continue Reading →

In My Imagination

In my imagination... I cozy up that bench, with a warm warm blanket You read a book, and I read your face You caress my hair, and I the back of your hand My head in your lap while you... Continue Reading →

Lessons from my daughter

1. A hug can cure almost anything┬áDon't stinge on hugs. It is an instant mood lifter. It is an instant connection. It will never fail to make your heart warm. Be the free hugs movement, personified. And it's great that... Continue Reading →

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