I didn't swim across the river, like Sohni For a secret rendezvous, every night. I didn't die in swirling currents, Failing to fight their might. I don't have Sassi's beauty, to have you seek me Never betrayed by your brothers,... Continue Reading →

I wonder

I wonder what hurts more The first sharp stab to the heart Or the one that finally bursts it open. I wonder what stings more The first whiplash Or when the whip cuts all flesh, and the muscle And meets... Continue Reading →


They were strangers, And then she fell in love with him. She sent him love songs whenever she could, She called him to hear him, whenever she could, And then she told him one day - "I'm falling for you".... Continue Reading →


No, I haven't forgotten you But it doesn't hurt as much anymore No, I haven't stopped crying But the tears don't scald anymore No, the wound hasn't healed But it isn't raw anymore No, I'm not quiet I just don't... Continue Reading →

The Tea Place!

That day, in the tearoom My head throbbed and my soul ached And I was tired, so I needed water To pop a pill and not fight it out. I asked for it and turned around And I saw you... Continue Reading →

When you think

When you think your heart is already broken It can still break a little more When you think all has shriveled up and dried The fall kicks you some more When you think you are so hollow But your breath... Continue Reading →


I hear the words in your silence And they make a complete conversation Your silence carries the tempest in your chest Loud and clear, across to me. I wonder at times If you hear the silence in my words I... Continue Reading →


What would it have taken For you to love me Would you have loved me If I was taller or if I was shorter If I was fairer or if I was darker If I spoke a little more or... Continue Reading →

A little less or a little more

No it's not easy, to not hold him To not hold his hands To not look into his eyes To keep distance from him To just keep breathing To not call him Her arms ache because of the effort of... Continue Reading →

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