Broken Paths

She thought all paths that led to him were broken All dead ends, no roads that led to him She sat and wondered if he would appear She called out, albeit softly And for sure, he was there For the... Continue Reading →

The Golden Glow

When despair gnaws at my heart I tell myself you have loved me, though we may be apart When it seems that my chest will burst with all I feel Your memories and conversations get me back to an even... Continue Reading →


I hear the words in your silence And they make a complete conversation Your silence carries the tempest in your chest Loud and clear, across to me. I wonder at times If you hear the silence in my words I... Continue Reading →

The bridge that leads to you

The bridge that leads to you Is both beautiful and dark I step on it every day and step back The bridge that leads to you Is both inviting and unforgiving I look at it but go away wanting The... Continue Reading →

Set on fire

Snow and the lamp... Oh she looks beautiful All lit up and wrapped around him Dancing to the music of the wind But she can set him on fire too He lights her up And she melts him a bit... Continue Reading →

..a million times over…

She had been long gone. When he met her, he was pulled to her. He knew that they may not have years together, they may not even have days together. Who was he kidding - he knew the hours were... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 14

Her: Oh Mumma, I think you will have to overeat. Me: Why? Her: Coz I'm too full to finish my dinner I am taking vocal music lessons and I record and listen to the recordings to make improvement. The 5year... Continue Reading →

Festival of Lights

I had no light It was all so dark No light in the heart, the soul long gone But I still had myself So I set aflame the dreams I set aflame the desires I set aflame our pictures I... Continue Reading →

I am autumn

I am autumn, I am fall For I am the leaf that knows how to part For I am the leaf that looks beautiful even when it falls For I look beautiful against the setting sun or the street lamp... Continue Reading →

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