Mother and Child

Memoirs for my child -11

Her: Mumma, you look pretty! Me: Thank you. So you think mumma is pretty? Her: Yeah Me: How about Papa? Her: Mumma! Papa is a boy. He cannot be pretty. He is handsome!   Her: I am a little sad.... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child -10

Father: Come here sweetheart, I want you to see this 3 min video (the video is about why one should say sorry even if they didn't really mean to be bad. And though it's hard to apologize but it is... Continue Reading →

The Fifth

Another year has passed, and you have grown up, of course You can tell when I'm angry even if my tone doesn't change You can surely tell when I'm angry and my tone does change You can read my face... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my Child – 9

After having said "I love you" to me, her dad, her granny - several times and for more than a year, one day - Her: Mumma, what does "love you" mean? Me: (gaping and trying to recover) Baby, you have... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 8

Her: Mumma, did you have a baby bump when I was in your tummy? Me: Yes, baby. Her: Show me how big, with your hands. (I oblige) Her: Did Papa take any pictures of you, then? Me: 😀 😀 (No,... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 7

My 4 yr old, her dad, granny, aunt and cousin are in Florida, Universal Studios. I'm not with them as I'm travelling. I travel a lot and needless to say, the girl misses me. And there is a wishing well.... Continue Reading →

When I slept like this..

I slept like this ages ago When I hadn't a care in the world When my biggest worry was my missing doll That mommy or daddy could find for me I slept like this ages ago When I knew that... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 6

- Me: Why do you cry in your sleep, my love? Do you have dreams? Her: Yes, mumma. Me: What do you dream about? Her: I dream that you are going away forever 😦 (I have spent 4 -5months out... Continue Reading →

You are growing up

My little girl, you are growing up It is hard to leave you and go Because you can count the days now And feel the hours, coz you are growing up   I see your chin wobble, And then you... Continue Reading →

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