Mother and Child

Some more memories, my child

When you have a daughter Her- Mumma, you look very pretty. Me- thank you, baby Her- But I look prettier than you. Her- Papa Him- Yes baby Her- Sleep Papa, you have to wake up and go to work earlier... Continue Reading →

My intelligent little girl

- The weather was changing and I wore my pedal pushers to bed. In the morning my 4 year old tries pulling them to my ankles, and when she cannot, she asks "Mumma, are these your sleeveless pyjamas?" - Mumma,... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child 4

I took up a post graduate course when mu daughter was two. It has taken away a lot of time from her and in a sombre moment I said " Baby I'm sorry, I've taken away so much of your... Continue Reading →

Some Birthday Wishes

- From my brother: The world would have been a different place without you. I can't say better or worse. - From a friend: We all aspire to become like you one day. You are simply awesome. - From another... Continue Reading →

I hope you will understand!

I don't know if this is an apology or an attempt to understand all that happened, by putting the pieces together. We made a decision to have you. I don't know if I was prepared to have you. All I... Continue Reading →

When you walked with me

In my heart, I always wanted to walk in snow Without any purpose Without knowing the direction But it took you to coax me, my little child To just do it today I don't know if you walked with me... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Nothings – 1

An account of what our 4 year old says from time to time (whose first language isn't English, but she's near perfected the language). Me: Do you know what you mean to me? She shakes her head, "No, Mumma." Me:... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child -3- the politician

Our daughter has discovered the concept of a baby being in the mother's tummy before being born, as her pre-K teacher is expecting a baby. So a lot gets said about babies now. To her father: Papa, I wish I... Continue Reading →

Of loneliness and distance

- I keep waking up to dreams of you leaving. So now, I stay awake until I know I cannot stay awake anymore. - The distance is hard. I feel hollow. I feel scared that there will be too much... Continue Reading →

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