Don't pull out a cigarette Just before you see me Don't puff on a cigarette When you miss me Don't smoke a cigarette When you don't want to think of me I'm real and will be The smoke won't erase... Continue Reading →

Another World

I'm neither missed when I'm gone Nor I fulfill when I'm with you You neither stay with me Nor you feel the distance from me I neither bring you happiness Nor you have any complaints against me You neither crave... Continue Reading →


After a long day, you are like a.. ..a hot shower for aching bones A soft murmur for a tired soul Gentle fingers in messy hair Soft hands on burning temples Cold water on tired feet A stubborn ray that... Continue Reading →

I promise, I’ll forget

Every poem I read, tells our story Every poem I read, is about us We are entangled in the words of all the songs Our rhythm in every beat and every note I hear If I walk in the breeze,... Continue Reading →

The Golden Glow

When despair gnaws at my heart I tell myself you have loved me, though we may be apart When it seems that my chest will burst with all I feel Your memories and conversations get me back to an even... Continue Reading →

Oh Fences!

Oh fences, these fences Do they keep you in Or do they keep me out? Oh fences, these fences Do they keep your heart in place? Or do they keep mine away? Oh fences, these fences Do they keep you... Continue Reading →

What will happen

I lie awake and wonder what will happen first My heart will shatter into a million piecesĀ  Or I'll fall asleep I lie awake and wonder what will happen first Despair will choke me up Or I'll drown in your... Continue Reading →

The bridge that leads to you

The bridge that leads to you Is both beautiful and dark I step on it every day and step back The bridge that leads to you Is both inviting and unforgiving I look at it but go away wanting The... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Her

She danced with him, Like wind on water- She took the lead, Taking him along. She was gentle, Her touch as light as a feather, As she danced with him. Flirting with the moves, Barely touching the skin. And he... Continue Reading →

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