There are days when you cannot listen to what I have to say And there are days when I don't want to say what I have to say. Between all such days I hope there are some days that will... Continue Reading →

Times I Wonder

There are times when I think I'm over you. And there are times when I don't know Where to hide and cry - For not all pillows muffle my sobs, For not all walls contain my screams, For not all... Continue Reading →

Sand Through My Hands

The memories are dim, My hands no longer feeling yours. Your touch rests in faded past But I still cry as many tears. I want to have you by my side But you move further and further away. I wish... Continue Reading →

It’s so cold

It's suddenly so cold, When I flew from your country to mine. It's suddenly so cold Now that you don't hold me in your embrace. It's suddenly so cold Because I cannot rest my head in your lap. It's suddenly... Continue Reading →


They were strangers, And then she fell in love with him. She sent him love songs whenever she could, She called him to hear him, whenever she could, And then she told him one day - "I'm falling for you".... Continue Reading →

Anne Frank Huis — whattheeyessee

“But Mumma, what was Anne Frank’s fault? Why was the police looking for her?” What would you tell your child? Anne Frank’s fault was that humans place race and religion over humanity?Anne Frank Huis — whattheeyessee

We don’t know

"We don't know how it would have been, if we'd been together. It may not have been this beautiful. There's a difference between spending moments and spending a lifetime together", he said. She closed her eyes at the other end... Continue Reading →

Without You

When I walk through the streets That I know you've walked through I think how the winds touched you. They still carry your fragrance And bring it to me. But it doesn't smell like you. I think of how your... Continue Reading →


He longs for a day, Just a day when she is his. He longs for a day, When she gives him herself and not the scraps. And till such day, He watches from a distance, And lives on the scraps.

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