Just Another Night

It was just another sleepless night, and I wandered to the porch. Oh, I saw the Moon! Today, it was beautiful. As beautiful as you. But you cannot see it, On the other side of the world. Not when I... Continue Reading →

A Song

I started writing a song about you But no words could possibly describe you. I started to paint you But your face is more beautiful than all colors and hues. I brought up your pictures But they do not show... Continue Reading →


I'd look at your picture when I miss you Run my fingers over your face And think how your skin feels I'd look at your eyes And lock my gaze for hours and melt into you. I'd feel the tiny... Continue Reading →

The Revolving Door

There are times when I think that you are the air that I breathe I've lost the count of how many times you've come and gone. Saansein kabhi lagta ki mai saansein nahi Aapka dum bharti hu. kitni dafa aaye... Continue Reading →

Phone Book

I saved your contact by your last name this time. Just like you signed it when you last messaged me. Thinking that you will cease being what you are to me, And will just become what you are to everyone... Continue Reading →

Some Day!

There are days when I want to disappear Because I know I won't see you again. And there are days, when I just want to breathe Because I know I will see you some day. There are days that stretch... Continue Reading →


He limped a bit ever since the accident. She supported his weight by wrapping her left arm around his waist. He reached out and held her right hand in front of him. They walked into his house and were met... Continue Reading →

For Humanity

I sat down with an imaginary rosary After a decade, perhaps. I fought with God at some time And did not pray. But today, is different. I'm scared of humanity dying around me. I hear silence supporting the ones who... Continue Reading →

The Spirits

The strawberry breezer wasn't really a breeze She felt queasy but then brushed it off as imagination. The screwdriver screwed her head And made it all full of wool She realized with dread. Now, how about a Mudslide She thought... Continue Reading →

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