The Arrogant Moon

Two stars gazed up at the moon All lost in love Each asked the Moon if it loved them The Arrogant Moon just smirked And said I just set the sky aglow I just cast the silver streaks And I... Continue Reading →

Cooking and Baking

Oh I hate the greasy hands And the pots that call for a mighty scrub I awfully mind the thumb getting sliced with the onions And the burns I sport on my hands and wrists I wish I didn't want... Continue Reading →

Nothing but So Much!

Never got you any gifts, Nor got you any flowers Never wrote you any letters Never sent you any cards Never clicked any pictures with you Never made any promises to you Never walked miles with you Never danced any... Continue Reading →

When they speak their heart!

My 5year old girl was on winter break from Kindergarten. I was working and I work from home. She knows that she cannot disturb me as I work but at times she loses her patience. On a particularly hard and... Continue Reading →

The Golden Glow

When despair gnaws at my heart I tell myself you have loved me, though we may be apart When it seems that my chest will burst with all I feel Your memories and conversations get me back to an even... Continue Reading →

Oh Fences!

Oh fences, these fences Do they keep you in Or do they keep me out? Oh fences, these fences Do they keep your heart in place? Or do they keep mine away? Oh fences, these fences Do they keep you... Continue Reading →

When it snows

When it snows And the sky is ablaze at night With this strange strange light I want to walk under the fiery sky With my head on your shoulder And your arm around me When it snows And the lakes... Continue Reading →

Mini Me

I don't want you to be like me Vulnerable, and naive An idiot at times, who gets carried away. But I see so much of me in you- You cry when you watch movies You get hurt so easily You... Continue Reading →

The one who was never mine

I go to bed thinking of you And I wake up with you, on my mind You - the one who never was and never will be mine All through the night, you walk with me in my dreams All... Continue Reading →

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